Privatepol Data Analytics

PRIVATEPOL Data Analytics develops and operates a set of proprietary analytical technologies and an extensive corporate and person-focused databank.

Our key focus is on mapping asset control, business interests (legitimate and criminal) and other relationships, whether in the public domain or not. We develop techniques to enrich corporate and person-focused datasets with knowledge derived from unstructured data and uncertain bits of information.

Currently the system’s primary business application is asset tracing and investigations, but our strategy is to create a global corporate and person-focused knowledge system which would have a much wider commercial application.


We provide the intelligence benefits of our technologies and constantly expanding smart databank to interested parties to support litigation, asset tracing and competitive research.

Investigation Support Network

To complement our data capabilities, we have created a global network enabling us to obtain documents and evidence which is not available electronically, Eg. real estate title records in some countries.

A legal note. PRIVATEPOL Data Analytics Inc. is not an investigation agency, and if private detective action is part of a specific assignment, relevant work is performed and the results are delivered through appropriately licensed / regulated entities.

Initial Regional Focus

The company’s initial focus and testing base for algorithm development was a gigantic set of data on businesses, organizations, legal interactions, key figures, regulation evading typologies, informal and criminal activity in the countries of the former Soviet Union.

We are developing data sets and activity models and patterns for other business communities and regions and strategically aim to achieve global coverage.

Our Strategy

Currently focusing on selected regions of the world, we strive to achieve global coverage of data collection and expand our legal action network to become a leader in providing data-driven, low cost and efficient solutions for cross-border legal action and recovery effort.